January-June 2018 in review

A quick review of the first months of 2018, what I did and what I did not (yet) do, given my current priorities.

Let’s play with make (part 2)

In this second part about makefiles, we will use the include directive for two different purposes: factoring some common targets, and better management of prerequisites.

Let’s play with make (part 1)

GNU make proves extremely useful in many contexts beyond pure programming. Let’s play with it to build pdf outputs from LaTeX sources, discovering some of its functions, as well as pattern and implicit rules on the way. Note that this is not...

Why I always write in pure text

Nearly every content I produce (slides, handouts, papers, blog posts etc.) is written in pure text with an editor. I never use software such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. I this post, I explain why, and the numerous advantages of pure text.

Automatically build releases on GitHub with Travis CI

How to use the Travis-CI continuous integration service to automate the build of binary releases from a source repository on Github.